Court Declares Captive Orangutan Is “Non-Human Person”

An Argentinian court has decided that a Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii) named Sandra is a non-human person with rights, and will no longer be held captive in the Buenos Aires zoo where she has lived for the last 20 years. Sandra’s case was taken up in November 2013 by the Association of Professional Lawyers for Animal Rights (AFADA). The lawyers argued that Sandra was intelligent and self-aware enough to understand and be negatively affected by her conditions, as well as being aware of the passage of time. The court agreed, and the judges unanimously voted in favor of a writ of habeas corpus for Sandra, deciding that she had been wrongfully imprisoned.

A writ of habeas corpus essentially states that the court must decide if the entity holding the person (in this case, the zookeepers, but more generally applies to prison officials) has adequate authority and grounds for keeping the person confined. While there is no doubt that the zoo has been holding Sandra captive for all of this time, the court had to decide if Sandra qualified as a non-human person, based on her level of intelligence.

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Sumatran Orangutan (Pongo Abelii)

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The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation is appealing for funds to create a forest island for an albino orangutan rescued in April. Full story on Changing Times, plus information about the first birth of an orangutan baby at the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme's Jantho release site in Aceh.

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After a little encouragement from his caregivers, Iribe successfully climbs to the top of the playground at Pondok Danielle. Good climbing skills are essential for surviving in the wild, and lessons start at an early age at the OFI Care Center!
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Andrena loves to swing from vine to vine in forest school. Orangutans' arms stretch out longer than their bodies, making them specially adapted to this mode of travel! #WildlifeWednesday
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The afternoon sun warms Judy’s back as she swings from one vine to another in the Learning Forest. The OFI Care Center is a refuge for this species whose habitat is being cleared every hour to make way for palm oil. How can we turn the tide for this species? Start by learning why they are in danger and share what you know with others!
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Together with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the Orangutan SSP serves the 55 accredited zoos that house orangutans in North America. We work closely with respected professionals in the field to provide help and guidance to zoos housing orangutans. Together, zoos and the SSP seek to provide the best possible environment for these amazing animals.
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Check out our website for all of your Orangutan SSP inquiries!
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🎁🐵 Oh, what fun! Bornean orangutan Redd gets into the swing of the holidays while playing with fire hose enrichment. These great apes are arboreal, so keepers suspend tough, durable strips of hose to encourage the animals to climb, swing and explore their habitats at the Great Ape House and Think Tank. Celebrate the season by adopting an orangutan! Order by Friday, Dec. 15 for guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas. Friends of the National Zoo
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Say hello to Malu! Thanks to everyone who voted for the name of our newest Bornean orangutan. A mix of both his mother's (Luna) and father's name (Madju), Malu is thriving and can be seen on habitat in the Jungala area of the park!
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Great job Amy Robbins and team!!!
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Auckland Zoo
Watch as our orangutans take their big journey south! This is the first episode of our three part series taking you through the huge personal and logistical endeavour that saw our three Bornean orangutans transferred to their temporary home at Orana Wildlife Park. Our male orangutan Charlie, along with our two females Melur and Wanita were successfully anesthetised and crated through a co-ordinated team effort that involved our keepers, vets, maintenance team and other key staff members. Our primate team leader Amy with lead senior primate keeper Craig and senior vet An flew to Christchurch to be there for our orangutan's arrival. Lots of delicious snacks were prepared in a care package to go with them on their flight including banana – one of their favourites! Their travel to Orana is part of a two-year staycation while their home and one fifth of our zoo is redeveloped as part of our South-east Asia project. This will see our orangutan return to an immersive new rainforest environment with other South-east Asian species like our Sumatran tigers and Asian small-clawed otter. Stay tuned for our second episode tomorrow, where we’ll meet up with our team the following day in Christchurch.
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Rudi Valentino is his name and birthday parties are his game. Today is the big one for this handsome guy at the Houston Zoo. Rudi is celebrating the big 4-0! I am sure that Tammy, Ashley, Will and the team will have a party he won't forget! Happy Birthday Rudi!

Photo - Emilie Covert

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