Court Declares Captive Orangutan Is “Non-Human Person”

An Argentinian court has decided that a Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii) named Sandra is a non-human person with rights, and will no longer be held captive in the Buenos Aires zoo where she has lived for the last 20 years. Sandra’s case was taken up in November 2013 by the Association of Professional Lawyers for Animal Rights (AFADA). The lawyers argued that Sandra was intelligent and self-aware enough to understand and be negatively affected by her conditions, as well as being aware of the passage of time. The court agreed, and the judges unanimously voted in favor of a writ of habeas corpus for Sandra, deciding that she had been wrongfully imprisoned.

A writ of habeas corpus essentially states that the court must decide if the entity holding the person (in this case, the zookeepers, but more generally applies to prison officials) has adequate authority and grounds for keeping the person confined. While there is no doubt that the zoo has been holding Sandra captive for all of this time, the court had to decide if Sandra qualified as a non-human person, based on her level of intelligence.

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Sumatran Orangutan (Pongo Abelii)

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Earth 4 Orangutans
Earth 4 Orangutans1 day ago
Dear all Australians and anyone who wants to donate towards our extremely important cause,
We are seeking any items that can be used for a silent auction or raffle, towards our amazing guest speaker tour in October. Karmele Sanchez from International Animal Rescue, will be visiting Australia and we are aiming to raise $20,000 for releasing 4 orangutans.
Any support in kind would be awesome so we can make it possible to give the gift of Freedom in early 2019.

Please PM us! We would love to have your support and also promote this in our national events.

Photo - IAR Indonesia.
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More on the Haven island development!
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Last week to take advantage of this incredible trip of a lifetime
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Great to see the islands being developed for Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) Orangutan Haven!
Thank you to everyone for dia ring towards this development. Since conception over $800,000 has been raised for the non releasable orangutans and the initial land purchase.
Earth 4 Orangutans
Earth 4 Orangutans1 month ago
Beautiful photo of a Sumatran Orangutan by CEO Raw, Jessica McKelson deep in the forests of North Sumatra.

On the 2nd July 2018, you can take part of an incredible journey over 10 days, where you also have this exclusive opportunity to connect with wild orangutans, walk in the footsteps and be on the front line as you experience wild elephant conservation in action and have an adventure of a lifetime!
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July 2nd - 11th.
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Palm Oil Investigations SAY NO TO PALM OIL! Palm oil free - shopping guide to purchase responsibly Amy Robbins Raw Wildlife Encounters
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Welcome 2018! We are seeking any of our supporters to help us with jumping on board to host our incredible Karmele Llano Sanchez on a tour of Australia to help raise vital funds for orangutan reintroduction and also inform us of International Animal Rescue Habitat Protection program in West Borneo.

If you are interested in joining us to help us pull together this inspiring conservationist tour, then we ask you to FB message us.

We look forward to your ongoing support and participation with Karmele tour of Australia. Oct-Nov 2018

We are after:
Help with sourcing silent auction items
Host a fundraising dinner with your networks
PA skills
Media based relations to help Karmele spread her vital orangutan conservation messages!
Venue hire/donation to support her visit
Fundraising initiatives - school visits etc

Visiting QLD, VIC and SA

Palm Oil Investigations Jessica McKelson Lucy Catt Jenna Hollamby Vicki Gabriel Joanne Denis Jo Henstridge Marion Wall Amber Jane Anile Fleur Butcher Maxine Siemering

Orangutan Foundation International
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Holland looks up at the moves of her forest school friend Panahan as she climbs the trees of the Learning Forest. Much like school children, the orangutan infants are so eager to learn and use imitation to begin navigating their world.
Orangutan Foundation International
Orangutan Foundation International2 days ago
"To save orangutans, the forest must be preserved, an improbable though not impossible goal. As a species, we have thrived by achieving what seems impossible." -Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas
Orangutan Foundation International
Orangutan Foundation International added a new photo.3 days ago
Douglas Soledo is content to be in the Learning Forest whether with a group or on his own. In the wild, orangutans are a semi-solitary species with limited participation in social groups. Learn more about orangutans: ➥
Orangutan Foundation International
Orangutan Foundation International6 days ago
Please consider taking personal action on behalf of the Bornean orangutan. What can you do? Help OFI continue our life saving work to protect this species: Learn about why they are threatened: and share your awareness of the issues with others.
Orangutan Foundation International
Orangutan Foundation International7 days ago
Bear of the Month Desi has a light golden muzzle and sports the crescent shaped patch associated with sun bears. Each sun bear patch is unique and Desi’s patch brings to mind leopard print. ➥
Orangutan Foundation International
Orangutan Foundation International1 week ago
Kuba learns from his forest school study buddy Clara as they climb their way into the Learning Forest. Their curiosity is boundless as they practice swinging through the trees!

Orangutan SSP

Together with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the Orangutan SSP serves the 55 accredited zoos that house orangutans in North America. We work closely with respected professionals in the field to provide help and guidance to zoos housing orangutans. Together, zoos and the SSP seek to provide the best possible environment for these amazing animals.
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Orangutan SSP
Orangutan SSP1 day ago
We're headed to the Little Rock Zoo today for our birthday girl. Bornean female Berani is turning 13 today! We hope that she has a great day filled with amazing treats and love! Happy Birthday Berani!

Photo - Catherine Hopkins
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Orangutan SSP
Orangutan SSP3 days ago
Great job Graham L Banes and Megan Elder!!!!
Orangutan SSP
Orangutan SSP4 days ago
And we can't forget the newest member of the Woodland Park Zoo team! It's amazing that 3 of the 5 redheads there have the exact same birthday! Sumatran male Godek is also celebrating today, but at just 9 years old, he's the youngest of the crew and making everyone feel young again! Happy Birthday Godek, we hope your celebration continues all week!

Photo - Carolyn Sellar
Orangutan SSP
Orangutan SSP4 days ago
Heran is also celebrating at the Woodland Park Zoo today! This big guy is turning 29 today and he got to enjoy all of the festivities over the weekend also! Here's to many many more! Happy Birthday Heran!

Photo - Max Block

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