GPS SmartSoles

This is a genius design. What an idea! This is great for not only for those with dementia problems, but for children. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your kids made it to school and safely back home again? They want to go out with friends and the battery on their phone goes out, wouldn’t you want to know where they are?

The patented GPS SmartSole™ features a miniaturized GPS tracking chip embedded in the insoles and powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 5 days on a single charge. The GPS SmartSole sends aa signal to the central monitoring website showing the wearer’s exact location using a combination of satellite and cellular technology. After you activate and setup your tracking account with GTX Corp, you will be able to monitor the person wearing the GPS SmartSole™, right from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Created for:

• Seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s/Dementia.
• Kids with Autism.
• Athletes and Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury.
• Anyone who potentially wanders off and requires remote oversight.

GPS Smart Sole


Integrated Wearable Unit –

Our GPS Smart Soles don’t require users to remember to carry a separate device, nor suffer a stigma from “lock-on” bracelets or trackers.

Smartphone Compatible –

Find your loved ones instantly using the simple tracking portal on your computer, laptop, tablet, iPhone or Android device.




Tor J Næss
Tor J Næss2 years ago
Can GPS shoes be used in Europe
Julie DiVona Anderson
Julie DiVona Anderson3 years ago
Can you tell me when this product is going to be available? Very anxious!
GPS Shoes
GPS Shoes3 years ago
This video is of an interview with Andy Carle, a GTX Corp (GTXO) Adviser, demonstrating our GPS SmartSole on MyFoxdc News . It's an excellent demonstration of the functions and use of the insole. A must watch.
GPS Shoes
GPS Shoes3 years ago
Wearable gadgets are fun. Watches, "Glass"'s and the like are driving tremendous growth.

The real value and long term growth will be in wearable devices that provide safety for the wearer and comfort and security for their loved ones.

Products like GTX Corp's (GTXO) GPS Tracking InSoles , BLE locator InSoles and micro trackers like our VL 2000 will provide Personal Location Service to people around the word in the now and in the future.

Learn more at and
GPS Shoes
GPS Shoes3 years ago
Recently a child with autism tragically went missing but was successfully found do to the great work of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department.

On stage Patrick Bertagna GTX Corp CEO presented a pair of GPS SmartSoles to the mother and father of that missing child.
GPS Shoes
GPS Shoes3 years ago
A real life demo of the GTX COrp (GTXO) VL 2000 GPS Tracker in action.

Here is the original article in Sat News
TBH Creative Media: UAV Locator Review
DO NOT fly your DJI Phantom II Quad until you watch this video! Michael Middleton reviews the UAV Locator.

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