Train Yourself to Read Faster with Spritz

Social media and technology blogs are excited about latest, speed-reading technology called, Spritz.

Spritz is a free application that makes it easy to train yourself to read faster and is a great way to engage with content in the digital age.

Spritz manipulates the format of words to more appropriately line them up with the eye’s natural motion of reading. They call this the “Optimal Recognition Point” (ORP). After your eyes locate the ORP, your brain starts to process the meaning of the word that you are reading. The ORP is slightly left of the center of each word. Spritz makes that letter red and presents all of the ORPs at the same space on the screen, in a large and reader-friendly font.

Instead of showing you lines of text the way we are all accustomed to, the Spritz box flashes you the words one at a time at speeds from 250 words to 1000 words per minute. This eliminates the need to move your eyes around a page and trains a person to read at a faster pace than normal.

Starting out at a comfortable pace and slowly building up to faster speeds is the way to go. If you jump right in at 1000 words per minute, you are going to have problems with comprehension and retention because your brain hasn’t adjusted to that reading speed.

You can Spritz any page on the web with the official Spritz bookmarklet.

Spritz Speed Reader

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Speed Reads is's continuously updated collection of the most interesting, important, and trending things on the internet – delivered with concision, intelligence, and wit. Speed Reads is your time-saving filter, providing smart, busy people with all they need to know about everything that matters.
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This could be big – especially in developing areas:
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All this over a few energy bars:
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The series of images came over a 40-minute period:
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They suspect foul play:
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It wouldn't be the first time:

Speed Reading The purpose of this group is to provide a forum for speed readers to share techniques and skills, and for those interested in learning how to speed read to ask for guidance.
Abhishek Ghosh
Abhishek Ghosh2 years ago
The Touchstone
When the great library of
Alexandria burned, the story
goes, one book was saved. But it
was not a valuable book; and so
a poor man, who could read a
little, bought it for a few
The book wasn't very interesting,
but between its pages there was
something very interesting
indeed. It was a thin strip of
vellum on which was written the
secret of the "Touchstone"!
The touchstone was a small
pebble that could turn any
common metal into pure gold.
The writing explained that it was
lying among thousands and
thousands of other pebbles that
looked exactly like it. But the
secret was this: The real stone
would feel warm, while ordinary
pebbles are cold.
So the man sold his few
belongings, bought some simple
supplies, camped on the
seashore, and began testing
pebbles. He knew that if he
picked up ordinary pebbles and
threw them down again because
they were cold, he might pick up
the same pebble hundreds of
times. So, when he felt one that
was cold, he threw it into the
sea. He spent a whole day doing
this but none of them was the
touchstone. Yet he went on and
on this way. Pick up a pebble.
Cold - throw it into the sea. Pick
up another. Throw it into the
The days stretched into weeks
and the weeks into months. One
day, however, about
midafternoon, he picked up a
pebble and it was warm. He
threw it into the sea before he
realized what he had done. He
had formed such a strong habit
of throwing each pebble into the
sea that when the one he wanted
came along, he still threw it
So it is with opportunity. Unless
we are vigilant, it's easy to fail
to recognize an opportunity
when it is in hand and it's just as
easy to throw it away.
#Touchstone #Habits.
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'Madhushala' by shri Harivansh Ray Bacchan.
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Spritz Inc.

Spritz is a Utah-based start-up focused on text streaming technology and its integration into modern communication, specifically for those who struggle to read. Twitter/IG: @spritzinc
Spritz Inc.
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We’re changing the reading game. Check out this video to see how!
Spritz Inc.
Spritz Inc.
Spritz Inc.2 months ago
Want a pleasurable, effortless reading experience wherever you are? Get Spritz:
Spritz Inc.
Spritz Inc.
Spritz Inc.5 months ago
Why does Spritz work? It’s all about the alignment of words. Learn more:
Spritz Inc.
Spritz Inc.5 months ago
Imagine the places you can go, with Spritz.
Spritz Inc.
Spritz Inc.
Spritz Inc.6 months ago
Improve focus, completion, and fluency for an effortless reading experience with Spritz:
Spritz Inc.
Spritz Inc.6 months ago
Check out this short video to learn why Spritz technology helps you read with better focus
Spritz Inc.

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