Food and Drink in Bavaria, Germany

Bread (Brot) In Bavaria, Germany

No other country, worldwide offers more different kinds of bread than Germany. Every bakery offers at least 10 different kinds of bread. Every bread has its own recipe and its own unique taste. This bread is delicious and mostly dark with a lightly toasted crust. The best of the bread, is of course, the pretzels (Bretzen). You know them already, but they are originally from Bavaria and they taste better here than anywhere else in the world. They are soft and taste absolutely wonderful. They sell them in every grocery store, train station and even in some gas stations. Pretzels are very popular here.

German Beer
Beverages in Bavaria, Germany

There are many local mineral water sources in this region, and of course all kinds of juices and wines, produced in Bavaria (Frankenweine).

Beer is a major part of the Bavarian culture. The two most common styles of beer, are Pils and Export. Countless local breweries offer a large variety of different types of beers. The Weissbier (wheat beer) is a Bavarian speciality. But you will find all the other kind of beers like Kellerbier (cellar beer), Helles (bright beer), Lager and much more here, too. Altbiers are similar to ales, so they are bottom fermented. As the name implies, they are the old type of beer. This type of beer resembles the ales from the micro-breweries in America. Schwarzbier is a dark beer. Schwarz means black. It is not bitter and can be on the sweet side. Zoigl is a variety of beer brewed only in the Oberpfalz in eastern Bavaria in Germany. This fresh beer is brewed to be consumed quickly. It’s not preserved and should be consumed within 2 weeks. The differences between the various types of beers are difficult to explain. You will need to experience each of the unique tastes and decide which one you enjoy more.

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