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F.B. Purity Browser Extension

F.B. Purity is a browser extension for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera & Maxthon that allows you to clean up and customize Facebook. This browser extension works with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

What Does F.B. Purity Do?

The F.B. Purity browser extension hides the ads, app spam and other annoying clutter from your Facebook news feed. It also allows you to increase the font size, change colors, stop auto-play videos, plus many more features that will make your experience more enjoyable and help to protect your privacy.

This Facebook browser extension is perfect for blocking out the endless stream of “Michael likes these three pages that you’ve never heard of”, “I had Wheaties for breakfast”, “I’m bored at work”, “so-and-so took this quiz”, “Johnny’s poop went all the way up his back today! We’re so proud!”, “Which ‘Star Trek’ character are you?”, “Melissa became friends with Julie”, “Chris just watered his Farmville plants”, “Margie has five new Mafia friends”, and “What is Your Spirit Animal?” messages.

Do you have Facebook friends that have enough time on their hands to raise a farm and start an organized crime family on Facebook? They do not consider the important matter of privacy or that other people don’t want to be bothered with this type of information. These applications are a huge invasion of privacy. In order for these applications to function, they need to pull private information from both you and your friends’ Facebook profiles.

Now you can save your time by cutting through the rubbish. You will only see the stuff that you care about while also blacklisting the applications that want access to your private information.

If you want to start enjoying your Facebook experience again, download the free F.B. Purity Facebook browser extension. You will not regret it.

Download the F.B. Purity Browser Extension for Facebook

To get the very latest version of the F.B. Purity browser extension, please visit

After installing F.B. Purity, please read the F.B. Purity User Guide for information on how to use its various functions and how to customize F.B. Purity’s settings and options.

There is a very detailed FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section at

Once you have installed the F.B. Purity Facebook browser extension, simply go through the various options to disable the features that you no longer want to experience. When you are finished, click on the “Save and Close Button. You also have the option to export / import your settings.

Here is a list of the different message types you can hide:

Sponsored Posts, Suggested Posts, Suggested Pages, Facebook Questions, Became friends with, Liked page (became a fan), Joined a group, Upcoming Events, Attending an event, Attended an event, Created an event, Changed location (Facebook Places), Updated profile, Hide All Photos, Hide All Videos, Hide YouTube Videos, Changed profile picture, Updated Cover Photo, Changed relationship, Commented on Status, likes status, Uploaded photo, Tagged in, likes or commented on photo, Tagged in, Likes / Commented/ Tagged in album, Uploaded video, Tagged in video, Posted a link, Commented on link, Likes link, Posted a note, Tagged in note, Commented / wrote on wall, Read an article, Trending Articles, Trending Videos, Games your friends are playing, Games you may like

Facebook Popup Notifications

Do the Facebook popup notifications bother you? Do they take up the left side of your page and cause you to visit pages that you don’t want to? If they do, you need to download the free F.B. Purity Facebook browser extension. To make these annoying popups go away, click on the “FBP” button at the top of your Facebook page.

After clicking the “FBP” link at the top of your Facebook page, the “F.B. Purity Options” screen will appear. Simply check the “Notification Popup Box” and then click the “Save and Close” button and you will no longer receive the annoying Facebook popup notifications. [image below]

Facebook Purity Popup Notification Box

Deleted Friend Alerts

For several years, the general population has clamored for a Facebook tool to see who unfriended them. Thanks to the F.B. Purity browser extension, it is now possible to see who has unfriended you.

If you’re not interested in this feature, like everything else, it’s easy to disable in the “F.B. Purity Options” screen with one simple check box.

Deleted Facebook FriendsAfter the “Deleted Friend Alerts” box is checked and you have saved and closed the panel, a popup panel will appear each time people go “missing” from your friends list.

There are several reasons why friends might go “missing” from your Facebook friends list. Their account may have been disabled or deactivated, Facebook might have temporarily or permanently deleted their accounts, or they might have unfriended or blocked you. Please keep in mind that sometimes Facebook deactivates hacked accounts temporarily so “missing” may not be a personal offense. When their account is reactivated, your friend(s) will be back on your friends list again.

Please keep in mind that sometimes Facebook deactivates hacked accounts temporarily, so the “missing” friends may not be a personal offense. When their account is reactivated, your friend(s) will be back on your friends list again.

Hide Side Panels and Links on Facebook Homepage

You can hide some or all of the following:

Events Box, Sponsored Box (Ads), Suggestions Box (People You May Know/Find More Friends/etc), Requests Box, Get Connected Box, Poke Box, The News Ticker, Trending Topics / Hashtags Box

You can also hide the links in the right-hand column, including: “Game / App Requests“, “Recommended Pages“, “Suggested Groups“, “Pokes“, “Events“, “Friend Requests“, “Your Pages“, and “Birthdays” via the “Hide Right Column Links” section of the “F.B. Purity Options” screen.

Hide Right Column Facebook Panels

You can also easily hide the links in the left-hand column, such as “Pages Feed“, “Games Feed“, “App Section“, “Like Pages“, “Create Advert“, “Music“, “Places Editor“, “Pokes“, etc., via the “Hide Left Column Links” section of the “F.B. Purity Options” screen.Left Hand Column Appearance Settings

Facebook Homepage Left and Right Side

Added Privacy

The F.B. Purity browser extension gives the option to “Fix External Links” which stops links to external websites from being redirected to a Facebook application. F.B. Purity will prevent Facebook from tracking and intercepting the sites that you visit.

Another useful thing the F.B. Purity Facebook extension does is to add an easily accessible Block Application (“BA”) link to every application / game message in the feed. In this way, you can easily block applications from your news stream and from getting your personal data.

Appearance Settings

The “Font, Colour & Design” Section

There are options to change the font and the font size, change the link color and background color and change the background image to alter the appearance of the news stream.

Additional Facebook customization is possible via F.B. Purity’s Custom CSS Box, which you can learn more about here: FB Purity Custom CSS

The “Top Nav Bar Options” Section

There are options to change the “Top Nav Bar Bkg (background) Colour” and the “Top Nav Bar Font Colour“. There are also options to “Hide Home Link“, “Hide Home Link Count“, “Hide Padlock Icon“, “Hide Search Box“, “Hide Search Box Popup“, “Hide Status Button“, “Hide Friend Requests“, and “Show Log Out Button“.

Top Nav Bar Facebook Appearance

Disabling Autoplay Videos on Facebook with FB Purity

Under the “Video Stories” section, check the box next to “Disable Autoplay“.

Disable Autoplay Facebook Videos

The F.B. Purity browser extension is a safe browser extension that has been in development since March 2009. Facebook loses their ad revenues when we install this browser extension, so please keep in mind that it is NOT spammy or dangerous as Facebook would have you believe. The F.B. Purity website has a webutation of 100 out of 100.

F.B. Purity Browser Extension

Support F.B. Purity – Show Your Appreciation

If you find it useful, please donate what you can to help keep F.B. Purity running smoothly and to show your appreciation for all Steve’s hard work to make our Facebook experience more enjoyable.

Please make sure to “like” F.B. Purity’s Facebook page at:

Please note F.B. Purity is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Facebook, Inc.

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