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Developing Skills. Where should you spend your time?

Have you ever had a moment where a colleague or friend expressed amazement at something you did? It’s a great feeling to be recognized for your hard work and dedication, and it’s even better when someone takes the time to…

List of Free Educational Websites

Get ready to expand your knowledge without breaking the bank! Did you know that you can access FREE courses and learning materials on numerous websites on the internet? And guess what, it doesn’t matter if you’re homeless or a Harvard graduate – you can still take advantage of these resources with just a computer! Don’t have your own computer? No worries! Your local library likely offers public computer access. So, why waste time and money on transportation and traditional education when you have the option to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule, all from the comfort of your computer screen?

Learn Languages Online for Free

Learning languages at Duolingo.com is completely free – now and forever – with no ads or hidden fees. Courses on Duolingo.com can teach upwards of 2,000 words. How to Duolingo: Create an account, choose the languages that you would like…