• Top 50 Artists of the EDM Genre and Their Most Popular Song
    Calvin Harris – “18 Months” David Guetta – “Nothing But the Beat” Tiesto – “A Town Called Paradise” Armin van Buuren – “Intense” Skrillex – “Bangarang” Zedd – “Clarity” The Chainsmokers – “Memories…Do Not Open” Marshmello – “Joytime” Deadmau5 – “For Lack of a Better Name” Afrojack – “Forget the World” Steve Aoki – “Wonderland” Diplo – “Random White Dude Be ...

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When considering music education, most people don’t immediately think of studying online. Music is something that lends itself to being learned and experienced in person, but the fact is that excellent online music education is available, as well.

Berklee Shares: This site grants access to many different music education courses.

Open University – CoursesThese courses will suit anyone who has a passion for music and is looking for an intellectual challenge.

UC Irvine OpenCoursewareThese courses will suit anyone who has a passion for music and is looking for an intellectual challenge.

Open Educational Resources – Commons: Lesson plans, labs, video lectures, activities, readings, images, illustrations and more!

ArtsEdgeFind images, audio stories, music, video clips and interactives.

Open Education DatabaseLearners of all levels can explore their interests and prepare for exciting new careers, build on existing foundations of education and experience, or just satisfy a craving to learn something completely new.

University of Reddit: This site offers college-level music classes.

Slide RuleThese educational music courses were designed for Novices and Professionals alike.

Courses: Learn about music production, take your guitar skills to the next level, and / or watch some masterful lectures on music.

ExploratoriumExplore the science of music through these online exhibits, movies, and questions. Along the way, you can compose, mix, dance, drum, experiment, and above all…listen.

BBC – Learn to SingBody BasicsBreathing BetterWarming UpFind Your Voice,

Loud & ClearPractice Makes PerfectTop TipsVideo Tutorials

Annenberg Learner: K-12 teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum. All programs stream free.

Online Music Theory TutorThe curriculum is based on the most current research on how students learn.

Open University – Education Links: Students hoping to learn about music will enjoy gaining information on the history, cultural effects, genres and notable contributions to music.

BBC MusicStudy music online with BBC’s resources and courses.

Free Online Education – MusicResources and links to music lessons, sheet music and more!

San Francisco Symphony – Keeping ScoreExtensive audio, video, and critically acclaimed interactive material explores each composer’s scores and pertinent musical techniques as well as the personal and historical stories behind them in a user-friendly way. The interactive learning tools offer a unique and in-depth online learning experience.

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