A World Without Bees

Bee Pollinating Flower

A world without bees is unimaginable! Nearly one-third of U.S. crops – including many vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds – depend on bees for pollination. But despite the vital role that bees play, the Environmental Protection Agency continues to approve pesticides that are linked to a bee die-off of historic proportions. This last year, one-third of our honeybee colonies died or disappeared. This massive die-off of these vital pollinators threatens to unravel agricultural production across the country. Yet the Environmental Protection Agency sided with Dow AgroSciences to approve a new pesticide, called sulfoxaflor, that is highly toxic to bees. And now the EPA is considering expanding the number of crops this pesticide can be sprayed on to include corn, alfalfa, oats, and several other significant and widely grown crops.

Honey Bees

Victoria Craven
Victoria Craven2 weeks ago
I love bees, and have designed this bee/honeycomb necklace.
It is now available to buy on my website 🙂
David Schlein
David Schlein2 weeks ago
I am new to bee keeping. My hive is in Port St. Lucie, FL. I have been feeding them sugar water for the two months I've had the hive. For how long do I continue w/ the sugar water?
Lancie Lindy Caudill
Lancie Lindy Caudill1 month ago
I am very new to this page is it ok to share pictures of honey bees on my flowers around my house because I like to take pictures of them
Honey Bees
Honey Bees1 month ago
Bzzzzz: CBC Fredericton joins national effort to save honey bees #SaveTheBees
Rohit Shetty
Rohit Shetty2 months ago
Can some one identify this bee? (Bald Faced Hornet?)
Honey Bees
Honey Bees2 months ago
Flowers produce a 'blue halo' to help bees! #beecool #savethebees #pollinators


BeeSpotter is a partnership between citizen-scientists and the professional science community designed to educate the public about pollinators by engaging them in a data collection effort of importance to the nation. It is a web-based portal at the University of Illinois for learning about honey bees and bumble bees and for contributing data to a nationwide effort to baseline information on population status of these insects.
BeeSpotter5 months ago
BeeSpotter founder May Berenbaum has come under fire recently for "keeping the best bug in a Tupperware under her bed."

Upon hearing the news of her outing, she replied "Humbug." At least now we have a name for this mysterious hidden bug!
BeeSpotter5 months ago
On the threat to #BumbleBees, with contributions by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Entomologist Dr. Sydney Cameron.
Sharon Lovejoy
Sharon Lovejoy5 months ago
I am so happy to have found this page. I am wondering if this is a bee mimic? Any help appreciated.
BeeSpotter shared Webster University's video.6 months ago
Thanks to all the St. Louis Bee Brigade #BeeBlitz participants at Forest Park Forever last weekend! Your spottings have been rolling in, and we've been enjoying IDing them!
Webster University
What's all the buzz about? Over the weekend, more than 60 members of the public came out to Forest Park to help with a photographic survey of bees. The event was the first STL BeeBlitz, and was organized by Biology Professor Nicole Miller-Struttmann, with help from the St. Louis Zoo, Forest Park Forever, Saint Louis University, Academy of Science – St. Louis, BeeSpotter and the STL Bee Brigade. #PollinatorWeek http://bit.ly/2sSzPC5
Glenn Cheney
Glenn Cheney6 months ago
Here's a couple of paragraphs from a fascinating book, "Dr. Jamoke's Little Book of Hitherto Uncompiled Facts and Curiosities about Bees":

"Honey bees are excellent pollinators, but since they evolved in Europe, they aren’t especially adept at pollinating many North American food crops. Pumpkins, cherries, blueberries, and cranberries are all better pollinated by native bees.

"Three-quarters of the fruits, nuts, and vegetables in North America are pollinated by bees. Corn is not one of them. Corn is pollinated by the wind, which is why planting just one row of corn won’t lead to much of a crop."
- - - - - - - - -
This book is only 8 bucks at Amazon. It definitely has more than 8 bucks'-worth of stuff not even beekeepers know. It's like a little course in history, mythology, religion, biology, botany, agriculture, chemistry, anatomy, climatology, geography, paleontology, ethnicity, ecology, entomology, economics, psychology, sociology, homeopathy, and a wee-bit about beekeeping.

BeeSpotter added 3 new photos.6 months ago
Thanks to everyone who went out and participated in the #BeeBlitz today! We had beautiful weather today in the Champaign-Urbana area for our expeditions to the University of Illinois Pollinatarium and Urbana Park District's #MeadowbrookPark, and hope you did in your area as well!

Don't forget to upload your spottings when you get a chance. If you don't get to it today, don't worry -- you can specify the date the photos were taken when you upload your spottings.

You can submit those spottings at:

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James Cartmill6 months ago
Friends, Activists, Humanitarians, Environmentalists, Peace Warriors, and Rebels! We finally have an online donation link for those of you who have requested a way to support #OVSF FldOps and our team of 5 living on the streets of America. We help elderly, disabled, women, and other homeless American Refugees, and Veterans with basic needs like water or food, clothes, and even medical assistance. It's always a struggle just to survive day to day out here and any assistance from YOU is greatly appreciated!!! If you can't help with a donation PLEASE don't forget to SHARE..... Because sharing is caring! THANKS!

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Kevin Hard
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Or this?
Kevin Hard
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Is this a good thing?

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